Understanding the Neucopia Scam

The Product is Membership and Recruitment

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Please help put Rich Cook in prison by clicking the Facebook share icon above. At their official website, Neucopia’s 2 products are 2 levels of membership in the pyramid scheme. There are no products for Neucopians to buy or sell inside or outside the scheme. Neucopia does not claim to be an MLM or multilevel marketer on its site. For a recurring fee of $59/month you are given information on useless lead generation systems you can purchase for exorbitant sums. When you recruit four people into the pyramid, you are eligible to receive small commissions on the people they recruit by selling the Neucopia scam’s product, which is membership in the pyramid.  To buy in to the Neucopia pyramid scheme for one year at the lowest level of membership, would cost $708.00 or at the “best value” level of membership, $1908.00. That’s how you join if you want to make the real money, according to the Neucopia scam website. The company appears to target low-income minorities with false claims of getting rich fast and finding abundance. It is unclear how many have been harmed by this illegal pyramid scheme because the company does not release information on its participants or their earnings. The video at the site’s homepage asks the low-income/uneducated masses what they would do with a thousand extra dollars per month in residual income. By email, the company confirmed it’s not an MLM… No kidding.

What Victims Don’t Know

Neucopia is an Illegal Pyramid Scheme.

Have a look at the effect this hoax has on minorities in this Neucopia victim YouTube video.

richMore to come on Neucopia ring leader, Rich Cook.

It should be noted that Carl Icahn et al shown atop this page, are investors in an illegal pyramid scheme called the Herbalife scam. To fight this kind of fraud, sign the global anti-MLM petition to the FTC. If you have been in an MLM, it’s important to provide basic data to the global MLM research database now.

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